9am: 2 eggs scrambled w/broccoli, olives, salsa; 1 plantain cooked in butter w/ cinnamon

1pm: 2 lettuce wraps: 3/4 cup tempeh cooked w/butter+garlic, hummus, tomato, whole grain mustard, wrapped in red leaf lettuce; 1 sweet potato cooked into chips

130pm: 2 glasses iced green tea

6pm: Kale, Red pepper, 1/2 cup herb tofu cooked w/ butter+garlic+lemon

730pm: TRAIN: Strict CTB Pull Up to MiniBand; 50 Double Unders, 40 AM KBS (1.5 pood), 30 Air Squats, 20 Ring Rows, 1 min handstand hold: TIME: 5:45…+ 150 Double Unders

830pm: BCAAs + Coconut Water

9pm: Protein Smoothie: 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 c blueberries, 1/4 can coconut milk, 1.5 c almond milk, 1 scoop brown rice protein

Today was a day to get back on track.  Woke up early with hopes of getting off the waitlist for hybrid…no such luck.  Dozed for a bit before making breakfast.

Worked in the apartment for a while before lunch…lettuce wrapppppps.  I made a few of these in RI while everyone else was making sandwiches and now im hooked.

Went to Good Karma to do internship stuff for the afternoon and nursed a couple of iced teas.  Came home to eat a smallish third meal before going in to train.  Lesson: I will seriously cook anything in garlic and lemon and devour it.

Headed to the gym for my last week check-in with Meghan.  While the cheats over the weekend weren’t ideal (obviously)…this last week is going to be about really tightening up my plans and zoning in on the goals…no alcohol, maybe cutting back a little on fat, and being really strict about sugar.  Thinking a bit about after the challenge too and what changes I might want to make to what I’ve been doing.  Pretty much going to stay the same…maybe work a small amount of dairy back in (greek yogurt, and tiny bit of cheese for flavor), maybe some beer and whiskey (haha obviously not all the time), and some of these http://theyearinfood.com/2012/05/roasted-strawberry-coconut-milk-popsicles.html as the weather gets hothothot.

Was able to do some CTB pullups without my shoulder hurting which was good.  Modified the workout and it went super-fast so I did another 150 double unders as a buy out.

Came home to make my protein smoothie and brought it to the park by my apartment where the worlds most adorable concert of old men playing big band was going on.  It was a beautiful night out so it was the perfect way to end the day.

Came home and watched Dawson’s Creek on Netflix (hooray!) and went to bedddd.


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